Gods Country Nursery
Tree Farm

Currently we have over 16,000 trees growing on 72 acres.

Our Mission is to provide top quality trees to our customers os they can enjoy them for years to come.

We encourage you to take the time and comed to visit a real tree farm. Select the trees you would like for your landscape design.

Trees We Offer

Autumn Blaze, Sienna, Cleavland, Norway, Deborah, Emerald Lustre, Princeton Gold, Royal Red, Sugar

River, Whitespire, Royal Frost

Black Hill, Colorado

Adams, Coral Burst, Red Jewel, Red Splender, SPring Snow, Tina

Redmond, Greenspire


Ash and a variety of others


Tree Spading

We offer a variety of large trees just waiting to be installed with one of our tree spades. Larger trees provide Instant Shade, so you don thav eto wait years for a smaller tree to mature.

We take great care in placing your new tree so that you don't have any growth problems in the future.

The tree spade truck is a very large and heavy vehicle. We try to leave as little disturbance to your lawnas possible however the truck may leave depressions in your lawn. Please ask about additional steps we can take to minimize the damages

Wether you are looking to add a nice shade tree in your front yard, or create a screen on your property line, we have the tree for you.

Make an appointment to visit God's Country Nursery to select your shade trees!

Balled & Burlapped Tree's & Installation

Tree Sales:
Wholesale & Retail

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